Testimonials - MF Products


  • Marty has been totally reliable and is always responsive when something unusual or an emergency clean up is required. He takes pride in his work and always does a great job.

    - Lloyd H., Attorney at Law
  • I can whole-heartedly recommend MF Cleaning for your nightly maintenance needs. We have utilized their services since our opening in November of 1996. The quality of their work has been to standard and consistent. Their response to any of our concerns about their work or additional tasks that we neeeded addressed has been prompt and very professional. I am confident Marty and his crew could do the same for you.

    -Scott Coupe
  • MF Cleaning Service has serviced as our custodian for over two years. Responsabilities include windows,garbage,carpets adn rest areas, I strongly recommend MF Cleaning Service for any custodial work."

    -Wells Fargo
  • I hereby certify, that Mr. Marty Funston was contacted by me since the Summer of 1996. Marty has made a significantt contribution to myself and to the Bear Lake Estate Community for the appearance of the surroundings of lot #118. Mr. Funston is truly a professional when it comes to various tasks at my home. I highly recommend him. He performed several jobs for me from 1996 to 1998 and I will further require his experience for future tasks. He did painting around home in 1996 which is still up to par. He does the pruning yearly, such as trimming the Gedges,Fruit Trees and Grape Vines., Mr. Funston did my landscapings, he does the clearing of leaves and other debris and rubbish from the back yard,He cleaned up the inside of the shed which was flooded at New Years day 1997. The mud was approx. 3 inches thick and had dried up to a hard rock like consistency. In my humble opinion, there is nothing Marty could not handle or tackle. He is a hard working young man with inexhaustible energy,an all around individual who does not shrink from hard labor

    -Jergen Grubert
  • We have owned Mihama for 22 years and have had many floor maintenance people through those years - Marty is one of the best! He is reliable, honest ( we entrust him with a key), orgonized, hard working, and does quality work." Should you be looking for a one time project or a scheduled maintenace program please give Marty and MF Cleaning Services serious consideration. He is very responsible to your needs, questions, and concerns, and will Promptly return your calls. If your have any questions you can reach me at the following number.

    -Elizabeth Takeda